Welcome to Maple Hill Farms, a whitetail deer farm located in Gilman, Wisconsin which is in the north central part of the
state.  We started raising whitetails in 1989 with three deer, and have grown to a herd size of about 300.  Our goal is to
improve our genetics from year to year, and it’s working.  Every year the bucks we sell are better than the year before.  

Our focus has always been on typical genetics, but have been adding drop tines and bigger frames into our breeding
program over the years.  In 2010, we had more drop tine bucks than ever before.  Drop tines are a big hit with the
hunting ranches and the big frame, symmetrical bucks we are producing are an easy sell with the hunters.

We love raising whitetails and are always willing to share our knowledge with others.  We have a small handling facility
that does the job for TB testing, sorting deer, artificially inseminating does, and loading animals from the facility to a

Visitors are always welcome to see the facility and the deer.  
Laurie Seale
N4044 Hwy. 73
Gilman, WI  54433
(830) 928-3143 cell

TB accredited
CWD monitored since 2003
Brucellosis Certified
Whitetails of Wisconsin
North American Deer Farmers Association
North American Elk Breeders Association
Minnesota Deer Breeders Association
Texas Deer Association
Deer Breeders Coop
Indiana Deer & Elk Farmers Association
Iowa Deer Farmers Association
Missouri Deer Association
Visitors are always welcome
Call to schedule a farm visit  830-928-3143

Are you looking to improve your genetics with large framed deer?  Are you looking to add deer
to your herd that produce bucks that are an easy sell to the hunting ranches?   
 Maple Hill Farms
has some awesome producing bred does for sale at very reasonable prices.  These does are bred to be
consistent mainframe producers, including traits that the hunters love; width, frame and occasional drop
tines! Unlike some farms that claim production, we show our production year after year with pictures
of the bucks we produce.

Maple Hill Farms has been in business for 26 years and has been breeding to produce bucks with great
mainframes.  The bred does we are selling allow you to take advantage of our 26 years of breeding,
saving you years of hard work!  

We believe in official scores and have won numerous antler competitions.  We believe in advertising
“true” antler scores and not exaggerated scores and spread.  We strive to keep our customers satisfied
by providing honesty, integrity and a guarantee on all the animals and semen we sell.  Our genetics do
very well in the south, even as far south as Texas.  Several Texas breeders have used semen from my
bucks and the offspring have done well.   We also have the ability to offer delivery with our sales.

If you are a new breeder, don’t get caught up in the hype of buying based ONLY on pedigree because
the only true market our industry has is the hunting market.  The hunters don’t care what the pedigree
of a deer is.  Many breeders are going back to the old blood lines; older genetics that produce frame!  

Maple Hill Farms also has a multitude of typical and non-typical genetics available.  Our typical
genetics speak for themselves by the bucks we have produced and shown on our website.  A few of
the biggest bucks we have raised on our farm include Texas T Bone (Texas Tea/Picket/PJ) 356" @  2-
389" @ 3 Rocket Explosion (Rocket/RPM doe) 360” @ 3, North Star (PA Geronimo genetics) 319” @
2, and our first 400” buck produced in 2012, Blue 2, scoring 423” @ 3.  Blue 2 is out of AJ, son of
GB Webster (a son of PA Geronimo), and a Spongebob doe (11 white).  11 white has been a
powerhouse doe for us.